Yuina Wakura
Yuina prof
Name Yuina Wakura
Kanji 和倉 結名
Age 16
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Marital status Yosuke Himawari (fiancé)
Relatives Shigeko Wakura (grandmother)
Education  ?
Occupation Cleaning maid and waitress at Fukuya Inn
Manga  ?
Anime Episode 4
Japanese Haruka Tomatsu

Yuina Wakura (和倉 結名, Wakura Yuina) is one of the secondary-main characters of the series. She is a 16-year-old teenager who is the grand-daughter of Shigeko Wakura, the Fukuya Inn owner, an inn that rivals Kissuisō. This also means that she is the successor to the Fukuya Inn, but has no motivation at all to do any inn work. She has an upbeat personality and is often seen smiling. When Ohana first meets her, Yuina speaks with a Kansai dialect. Even though she actually speaks with the regular dialect, she does this to spice up her life, for she enjoys the excitement and adventure. She goes to the same school, and is in the same class, as Ohana and Minko. Nako is in a different class than the others. She is also extremely popular with the male population of their school, just like Minko, and frequently receives confessions from them. Her fiancé is Yosuke Himawari, who is determined to work unlike her.

Later on the series, compared to how much she did not want to work in the Hot-Spring Inn industry, she finds the determination to study about it so she can succeed the current madam mistress.

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