Tarou Jiroumaru (次郎丸 太朗, Jirōmaru Tarō) is one of the male characters of the series.

Character overviewEdit

A 31 year-old novelist, Tarou frequently lodges at Kissuisō to write his stories, usually in the Wave Room. Though he proclaims that his works are all going to change the world, they are truly erotic stories. And within those stories, Tarō usually uses the Kissuiso's staff as character references. At first, Tarō thought only Ohana Matsumae knew about this secret, but it is shown later in Episode 3 that Sui Shijima already knew this, yet she let him stay at the inn. In order to pay his debt now, Tarō is working hard to make his novels successful, but in the meantime, he is also working at the inn part-time.

As seen, Tarō has the habit of telling either a lie or an exaggeration to make his life more interesting, even though when they are found out, he's lesser respected and also punished by some of the staff members. But before he ever started to work at the inn, he was actually a manga artist, where one of his works is unnoticably praised by Minko Tsurugi. Even so, it seemed his skills were not good enough to keep himself successfully serializing, as it had been commented that only few volumes were published.