Takako Kawajiri (川尻 崇子, Kawajiri Takako) is one of the female characters of the series.

Character overviewEdit

Takako is a 30-year-old business consultant advisor for Kissuisō. She attended the same university as Enishi. Trying to revitalize the inn, she works hard in order to have the staff have the correct manners. Because she only vists once a month, and thinks that the inn is still old-fashioned, her changes to and plans for the inn are sometimes a bit too radical. She also speaks English a lot, as seen in the anime, as she has used many English phrases to express her ideas, such as "time is money" or "nothing venture, nothing win".

After the marriage between Enishi and her, Takako refuses to allow Ohana to call her "Oba-san" (auntie), probably because the title can also be translated to "older woman". She finally concedes to the calling of "Onee-chan" (big sister), which may be because it suggests that Takako is young.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a striking resmblance to the character Paprika from the anime movie by the same name.