Tōru Miyagishi
Tōru prof


Tōru Miyagishi






186 cm (6'1")

Tōru Miyagishi (宮岸 徹, Miyagishi Tōru) is a male character in the series.

Character OverviewEdit

Tōru is a 23-year-old junior chef who works at Kissuisō, under the supervision of the head chef, Renji Togashi. Though he may have a good-looking face, he is very outspoken and easily frustrated. Even with these qualities though, Tōru is considered to be so talented in the area of cooking that the Fukuya inn had him substitute in for one of their sick chefs, showing how much they trust his abilities. He strictly mentors and supervises Minko's training. It is also known that Minko likes him. On the other hand, it seems he has his eyes on someone else. At first, Ohana was intimidated by him, then disliked him because of his attitude towards her. But their relation comes closer to terms of worker-to-worker. there has been evidence that he is interested in Ohana, but he himself states that it is not to the end of romance.

In the final episode, he helped persuade the owner of a resturaunt that Minko was trying to work in.

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