Satsuki Matsumae
Satsuki prof
Name Satsuki Matsumae
Kanji 押水 菜子
Age 38
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown/yellow
Personal Status
Marital status Widow of Ayato Matsumae
Relatives Sui Shijima (mother)

Enishi Shijima (brother)
Ayato Matsumae (husband)
Ohana Matsumae (daughter)
Takako Kawajiri (sister-in-law)

Occupation Novelist and journalist
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Takako Honda

Satsuki Matsumae (松前 皐月, Matsumae Satsuki) is Ohana's 38-year-old mother, She is a struggling novelist and journalist who soon enough elopes with her boyfriend to evade his debt. She leaves Ohana in the care of her mother, who claims to have disowned her daughter. She neglected Ohana as a child and raised her with the mentality of "relying only on yourself".

After some time though, Satsuki returns to Tokyo, after separating from her boyfriend. She also takes some responsibility of Kissuisō by offering unnamed help through the magazine articles and by directly assisting the staff there.

Trivia Edit

  • Satsuki's least favorite food is broccoli.

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