The Longest Day at Kissuisō
Episode 09
Episode 9
Air date May 22, 2011
Romanji Kissuisō no Ichiban Nagai Hi
Kanji 喜翆荘の一番長い日
Opening Hana no Iro
Ending Hazy
Episode guide
A Slight Fever

The Longest Day at Kissuisō (Kissuisō no Ichiban Nagai Hi 喜翆荘の一番長い日) is the 9th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on May 29, 2011.


Ohana ends up finding Tōru with the encouragement from Kōichi. At the same time, Kōichi tries to book a stay in order to see Ohana, only to find out that all the rooms are full, making him decide to go home. Tōru says that if Ohana thinks he could solve the problem at Kissuisō, then he'll just have to fix it. In the end, they pull through and tend to every customer. A woman and her grandmother were actually the people who were from the magazine and due to Ohana's motto that every customer is equal, Kissuisō receives a good comments from these two. It is seen at the end that the Manager returns from the hospital.

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