A Tearful Chef Romance
Episode 05
A tearful chef romance
Air date May 1, 2011
Romanji Namida no Itamae Bojō
Kanji 涙の板前慕情
Opening Hana no Iro
Ending Hazy
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Grey Heron Rhapsody
Nothing Venture Nothing Win

A Tearful Chef Romance (Namida no Itamae Bojō 涙の板前慕情) is the 5th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on May 1, 2011.


After seeing what happened yesterday, Minko is worried about what Tōru was doing at the Fukuya inn. As Ohana is also thinking about this, she bumps into Minko at the back entrance, where Minko shuts her up. After Minko takes her leave, Nako and Tomoe arrive to see Ohana on the floor at the same place. They ask Ohana what happened to Minko, and she tells them. They are astonished by this event and start to worry. But Tarō intervenes, asking for deeper details.

It is later revealed that Tōru indeed did ask to go work at the Fukuya inn. In means to bring him back, Ohana heads over to the inn and asks the Madame Mistress there to give him back. But to her surprise, he has already returned. It is later shown that Tōru went to the inn to substitute for a sick chef who had to stay home and rest. Even though he is very talented, Tōru states he will not be leaving the Kissuisō anytime soon.

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