The Determined One-Sided Crush (Ketsui no Kataomoi 決意の片思い) is the 22nd episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on August 28, 2011.


Takako is fired up for the wedding, while the other staff are also working hard to complete it. Yuina, Nako and Ohana finishes the wedding dress and look for someone who would like to try it on for them. A little after, after talking with her mother, Ohana now believes that she should be straight-forward with her emotions and have an actual one-sided crush on Ko, just like Minko. At the inn, even though she asked to help Tōru, Minko's offer is turned down. While Minko is upset about this, Ohana proposes to have Minko try the dress on for them. But Minko harshly rejects the request, which upsets Ohana and the two start fighting. The fight soon enough becomes a quarrel about their love life, which Tōru overhears a bit.

After being embarassed because Tōru overheard their quarrel, Minko runs away for a bit. Tōru follows and has a short talk with her and clears up the misunderstanding that he "like" likes Ohana. He says he may be interested in her, but it is not to that point of "love". Minko is happy to hear that she still has a good chance and tells Ohana that she won't give up on Tōru.

The wedding day arrives, and the day goes by safely. But at the end of the wedding, during the speeches by special guest speakers, the Madam Mistress, who is one of them, gives out an interesting speech. She talks about how she will soon watch over the future of each and every Kissuisō staff while she drinks tea from a far. Later in the evening, the whole staff gathers to meet about what the Madam Mistress was talking about. She tells them that Denroku Sukegawa will resign from work and wishes to pass on the role of his Kissuisō journal, which he has been continuing for the entire 40-years of the inn, to someone. After that, The Madam Mistress explains that she was thinking of sealling away, or generally closing down, Kissuisō along with the journals after the Bonbori festival.