The Return of "Die (Yomigaeru Shine 蘇る、死ね) is the 21st episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on August 21, 2011.


Takako and Enishi have decided to get married, which surprises the staff. But the happy couple are not afraid to hinder their work as they have "love" on their side. Even Sui approves this event, but her one condition is that the two have a proper wedding ceremony. After hearing that wedding ceremonies are expensive, Ohana suggests using the inn for the ceremony, which would help relieve the expenses. Enishi takes the idea and the staff gets prepared. As the Bonbori festival is approaching, Enishi plans to have the wedding before that in order to avoid the busiest time of the year for the inn. Minko and Tohru go to the market to buy the ingredients for the wedding, but on the way back, Minko realizes that Toru has great interest in Ohana. This makes her fustrated, to the point of going back to telling Ohana to "die".

As for Takako, she has some uncertainty about having the wedding, as she wonders if the Madam Mistress truly accepts the wedding. After requesting Sui to cancel the wedding, Sui finally shows that she is willing to have Takako wed with Enishi. She does so by humbly bowing her head and asking very kindly for Takako to wed with Enishi. But, unexpectedly, she also says that she won't be passing on the inn to the two...