Mushy Rice Omelette
Episode 19
Episode 19
Air date August 7, 2011
Romanji Dorodoro Omuraisu
Kanji どろどろオムライス
Opening Omokage Warp
Ending Hanasaku Iroha
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Mermaid Princess and Shell Bra
Love, Kōrin Festival
Mushy Rice Omelette (Dorodoro Omuraisu どろどろオムライス) is the 19th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on August 7, 2011.


Nako continues to try being more outgoing, which the cooking crew notices well, especially Tōru. This bugs Minko as she is jealous that Tohru himself does not notice her. At school, it is nothing better as the cultural festival approaches. The class does a princess cafe where Yuina is the waitress supervisor and Minko, the cooking suspervisor. This is against Minko's will, as she does not want to cook for playful reasons. But this all changes when she hears that Tōru is thinking of visiting the festival. In reaction, Minko straightens up and becomes serious about her job as the kitchen supervisor.

But there is one problem: she gets too serious that she drives away most of the members from the kitchen staff and ends up needing to do all the kitchen work by herself. Even though the waitresses are doing well, what will become of the kitchen staff....

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