Sunny with a Chance of Beans
Episode 15
Episode 15
Air date July 10, 2011
Romanji Mame, Nochi, Hare
Kanji マメ、のち、晴れ
Opening Omokage Warp
Ending Hanasaku Iroha
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This is My Way of Life
This Sky, That Sky
Sunny with a Chance of Beans (Mame, Nochi, Hare マメ、のち、晴れ) is the 15th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on July 10, 2011.


The inn becomes troubled by the fact that they are now shorthanded, but they reject Ohana's offer to help out. However, she feels she needs to do something and after the inn becomes unable to find replacement for their waitresses, they accept Ohana's help, along with Minko and Nako who decides to help her out as well. While they work though, the robotic system that assists with the dishes breaks down, so Ohana suggests that they send the customers to have a bath before dinner to give the staff extra time to set up the tables. As Ohana and the others work on the tables, while getting help from the other students and employees, Yuina visits Yosuke for a talk. After hearing that he might want to marry someone like Ohana, Yuina decides to break her habit of not working and help him clean the baths. After dinner, Yosuke allows the girls to use the inn's hot springs, not the regular ones. As the field trip comes to an end, Yosuke decides to rethink his training whilst Yuina decides to work harder herself.

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