Shijima's Girls ~Broken Heart MIX~
Episode 13
Episode 13
Air date June 26, 2011
Romanji Shijima no Onna ~ Shōshin MIX ~
Kanji 四十万の女~傷心MIX~
Opening Hana no Iro
Ending Hazy
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Shijima's Girls ~Broken Heart MIX~ (Shijima no Onna ~ Shōshin MIX ~ 四十万の女~傷心MIX~) is the 13th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on June 26, 2011.


Ohana's mother finally arrives at the inn, which makes everyone feel uneasy, for she is supposedly their enemy for writing the bad review on their inn. But, in order to show how they are, the madam mistress tells everyone to remain calm and do what Kissuisō would usually do. She also asks Nako to be the one to guide this guest, feeling that if she were to do it herself, she would slap her daughter right away. The staff did indeed do what they could, but Satsuki gives off very good advice to these staff member which discourages them. In order to confront this, Ohana and Sui both stand up and gets ready to do the Kissuisō way of things: provide what the guest favors.

Sui helps provide Satsuki's favorite food within a very fancy meal, while Ohana, based on her own experience, makes Satsuki's bed along with a hugging-pillow, as Satsuki always slept with one. Realizing what the two are doing, Satsuki calls in the two for a small party. After a small talk among her family members, the next day, Satsuki heads back to Tokyo, while leaving behind a review with the Kissuisō staff. The review is very positive which makes them all happy.

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