A Slight Fever
Episode 10
Episode 10
Air date June 5, 2011
Romanji Binetsu
Kanji 微熱
Opening Hana no Iro
Ending Hazy
Episode guide
The Longest Day at Kissuisō
Bark at the Night

A Slight Fever (Binetsu 微熱) is the 10th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on June 5, 2011.


As a result of constantly getting up early to help clean most of the inn alone, Ohana collapses with a fever and is told to rest for the day. As everyone works, Tōru makes her some porridge and becomes slightly enamoured by her solemn appearance. Thereafter, various members visit Ohana and tell her to stay in bed, while Ohana worries about whether the Kissuisō even needs her. However, just as she is writing out a text to Kōichi about possibly going home, Minko and Nako convince her that she's still needed. Ohana erases the text and rests peacefully.

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