Get the scoop on the music from Hanasaku Iroha, including (but not limited to) exclusive tracks from amazing bands like nano.RIPE and Sphere, and the OP and ED themes.


# Album/Track Names Cost Release Date Cover Picture

「Hanasaku Iroha」 Image song
Tracks Include


Aprox. $15

Sep 22, 2010 Cover

「Hanasaku Iroha」 Opening song
「Flower's Color」/nano.RIPE
Tracks Include


Aprox. $15

April 20, 2011 HanaIro Front Cover

「Hanasaku Iroha」 Ending theme song
Tracks Include

Limited Edition only

  • Hazy(Music Video Clip)

(regular) Aprox. $15

(limited edition)

Aprox. $22

May 11, 2011 Sphere - Hazy cover

「Hanasaku Iroha」 Image Song
「The Heron of the Hot Springs - Relations]
Tracks Include


Aprox. $37

June 8, 2011

Image Song album cover 2

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