Minko Tsurugi (鶴来 民子 Tsurugi Minko?) is one of the secondary-main characters of the series.


She is a tsundere 16-year-old apprentice chef and resident at Kissuisō Inn. She has very cold aura about her, telling Ohana, ever since they met, to "die" every time she is bothered or annoyed by her. Being still an apprentice in cooking, she is scolded from time to time by her superiors, but she ignores it all. Aware of Ohana's growing popularity in the inn, Minko continues to display a cold attitude to her. Minko is good friends with Nako. She goes to the same school as Ohana, Nako and Yuina. She is in the same class as Ohana and Yuina, but Nako is in a different one. She is extremely popular amongst the male population of their school and very frequently receives confessions from them, although she rejects them right away.

As of episode 4, it is known that Minko has a crush on Tōru. This is because he supported her on becoming a staff at Kissuisō while her parents were against it. She is quite jealous of Ohana when she notices that Tōru starts having romantic feelings for her. She is shown to be actually pretty considerate towards others sometimes.

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