This is a list of the locations featured in the Hanasaku Iroha series.


Tokyo is Ohana and Kouichi's hometown, and also where the story takes place at the start.



Yunosagi Sign in Nishigishi, Japan


Ohana in front of Yunosagi Station sign in Episode 1

Yunosagi is the region where Kissuiso is in. The area is a countryside and has many hot spring inns.

Yunosagi station is actually a station in Japan called Nishigishi, found in Ishikawa Prefecture.


Kissuisō is the inn in which Ohana goes to. It is also the place where most of the common characters of this story work at.

Ohana's RoomEdit

The room that Ohana sleeps in, she also shares it with Minko, another young worker of Kissuisō around Ohana's age. This is where the two sees each other day in and day out.

Wave RoomEdit

The Wave Room(波の間 nami no ma) is the room Tarō Jirōmaru frequents the most. Almost like his own personal room, this is where he writes his novels.

Front Grass LawnEdit

The front lawn is where Ohana met with Minko for the first time. Not only grass grows there; an edible plant called rocamboles are self-grown by Minko herself, which Ohana without knowing weeded them, thinking they were weeds.