• Kissuisō front
  • Kissuisō

Kissuisō is a Taishō period hot-spring inn that was owned by Sui Shijima. Ohana worked and lived there after her mother sends her to her grandmother. It was mothballed at the end of Hanasaku Iroha.

Built during the Taishō period, the inn is quite old-fashioned, as it was built even before Sui came to work at it. Due to this, it was not as popular as most other inns. It stays old-fashioned because the madam-mistress refuses to renovate the place. Even so, the inn received quite a few regular customers.

Rooms Edit

  • Ohana and Minko's room
  • Wave room
  • Moon room
  • Crane room
  • Wisteria room
  • Kitchen
  • Front entrance/lobby

Workers Edit

Workers 1

Kissuisō workers (without Manager)

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