In the universe of Hanasaku Iroha, there are many things we need to know in order to follow the story. Characters, places, concepts, events, staff. These are all important topics to know if we want to understand what the story is about as much as possible. "Step into the world of HanzIro, where you'll meet a girl who is learning how to adapt to her new life at an inn."



Knowledge of the characters are important, especially for those who are watching HanaIro for the first time. We need to know their personality, history and even some trivia to be able to catch onto the story. Some people are more interested in some other, in-depth knowledge that may be proposed here.....


Kissuisō, Tokyo, and even the school the characters goes to, it's also important to know where the setting of the story is. Some places are where important events occured, while others are where most of the story is placed.


Concept, also including culture, is important to know the background of HanaIro. What is an Onsen? Uniforms for public schools? Some people still are not knowledgeable of some of Japan's culture. There are still some others you can't understand from past experience until you watch this story also...


Events are what happens in the story. Some events chains to another because their connection are important. Some may want to know specifically what is happening, also because they don't get what is happening. While others are what many would be truly interested to know about...


The staff are the ones who created and develope this amazing series. Sometimes, many wonders who is behind the scene. Now, you get that chance to see who they are! Take a look, and you might be amazed who are part of the staff.

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