Starting not too far ahead of the anime, the manga adaption of the anime Hanasaku Iroha has been publishing as a bi-weekly series ever since November 22, 2010 on Square Enix's Gan-Gan Joker magazine. It may seem different from the actual anime, because of the altered timeline, although the core story remains the same. The manga also features some 4-koma stories about the main characters that may or may not be featured in the anime adaption.


V1.C1: I've Arrived at a Hot-Spring Inn!Edit

Ohana Matsumae, 16 years of age, has just arrived at Kissuisō, a hot-spring inn, expecting to have relaxing and wonderful time. But instead, she is being worked down to the bone by her grandmother. After some time, Ohana sees some plants that looks like weeds in the front lawn. Attempting to be useful, she decides to pick them, but an unknown girl comes up to her and tells her to "die".

V1.C2: I've Started my Work at the Inn!Edit

Ohana was voluntarily weeding some plants in the front of the inn when a girl, Minko Tsurugi, appears and tells Ohana to die. Ohana is later told that those "weeds" were actually edible, which makes her understand, yet upset that Minko told her to die. Ohana continues to try and help around, but most of her diligence continues to not receive any appreciation. After these many "mistakes" she makes, Ohana learns what it means to work at the inn.

V1.C3: The Great Plan to Cover for Minko-san!Edit

It's now the second day of Ohana's stay at Kissuisō. She again eccentrically does her work, at first not receiving any credit. But then, Minko messes up while cooking and burns the morning meal for the staff. Only able to make the meals for the customers, the cooks were about to say the meal for the staff was unavaible, when Ohana bursts out, having prepared their meal in secret. Even though the food looks worse than its actual good taste, he staff appreciates Ohana's help for once, to which Ohana is happy to receive.

V1.C4: I Want to Shine!!Edit

V1: 4-komaEdit