What do you get when you combine characters, concepts, and items and set them in a location or in-universe place? An event! Here's a list of events featured in Hanasaku Iroha:


Mother's elopement/Leaving TokyoEdit

An important event which starts out the whole story of HanaIro, this is the event where Ohana's mother elopes with her boyfriend. Because of this, Ohana has to move to the countryside to live with her estranged relatives. If Ohana did not have to leave Tokyo, the story of Hanasaku would not have started. Also, because of this departure, it forced Kōichi to confess his love to Ohana. Thereafter though, he did not give her the time to answer, leaving the relationship in a strange state.

Ohana's Arrival at KissuisōEdit

Ohana's arrival to the inn is important, as it represents the fact that she now has to live a completely different life than she has never experienced before. Being new, some of the workers do not give her good compliments upon her arrival, which shows how rough life can start out.

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