Denroku Sukegawa (助川 電六, Sukegawa Denroku) is the 73-year-old janitor and maintanence manager who worked at Kissuisō.


He worked at Kissuisō ever since its establishment and its eventual closure. He is a very caring man who thinks for the best of the other staff, shown by his extensive kindness towards them. Even when some of the younger staff does something that Sui Shijima does not like, if the young are trying to do it with good intentions, he will help them out in secret from her whenever he can. It doesn't mean that he is against her, but that he wishes for the best of Kissuisō and everyone in it.

He is given the nickname "Mame-jii", or "Old-man Beans", by the staff because his name is similar to that of a famous bean company.