We always need to know about the characters; their personality, their backgrounds and also their relationships with other characters within the story. This is important because not only does it form the story, it also gives the grounds for one of the most important elements of a good screen production: character development. And you never know, you might discover something new! Browse through the character list and click their name to learn more.

Character List:Edit

Ohana Matsumae Edit

Ohana Matsumae is the primary protagonist of Hanasaku Iroha. She is an energetic and optimistic 16-year-old teenager who is sent to live at her estranged grandmother's hot spring inn, Kissuisō, after her mother elopes with her boyfriend to evade his debt. Since working at Kissuisō, she has realized she must rely on others. Now, to her, Kissuisō is her home.

Minko Tsurugi Edit

Minko is a 17-year-old apprentice chef and resident at Kissuisō. She has a very cold demeanor, often telling Ohana to 'die' following their first encounter. Her devotion to becoming a professional chef surpasses the devotions of most of the other staff. Though she is hard working, she becomes passive when being scolded for her mistakes and is usually victim to Ohana's mishaps.

Nako Oshimizu Edit

Nako is a 17-year old cleaning maid and waitress working part-time at Kissuisō. She has a shy and timid personality, with a tendency to avoid social interaction she does not wish to get involved in. But she truly wishes to become the same person she is at her own home: a joyful and loving person who speaks her mind.

Yuina Wakura Edit

Yuina is a 16-year-old teenager who is daughter of the Fukuya Inn owners that are rivals with Kissuisō. She tries to enjoy life by putting a small twist to it, such as changing her dialect from time to time. She once thought that the life of a Madam Mistress would be boring, but seeing her friends work at Kissuisō, that all changes.

Tomoe Wajima Edit

Tomoe is a 28-year-old head waitress working at Kissuisō. She enjoys listening to gossip that are about other employees and customers who are lodging at the inn. Even though she wishes to go off and marry, she continues to love her job at Kissuisō.

Kōichi Tanemura Edit

Kōichi is a 16-year-old teenager who is Ohana's best friend. He and Ohana attended the same high school back in Tokyo. Kōichi confessed his feelings to Ohana before her departure, but was too upset to hear her answer and ran away. His feelings for her continues to stay the same, all unwavered.

Satsuki Matsumae Edit

Ohana's 38-year-old mother. A struggling novelist who elopes with her boyfriend to evade his debt. She leaves Ohana to the care of her mother, who claims to have disowned her daughter. She neglected Ohana as a child and raised her with the mentality of "rely only on yourself".

Sui Shijima Edit

Ohana's 68-year-old grandmother and owner of Kissuisō. She has a fierce and strict composure towards her employees and holds no hesitations in physically disciplining them. Her abusiveness leads Ohana to believe she is going senile. But she is truly only thinking for the best of the staff, not just the customers.

Enishi Shijima Edit

He is Ohana's 32-year-old uncle. He also works at Kissuisō, being the second-in-charge of the inn, as he's the son of Sui, the current caretaker of the inn. His ambition to continue the inn after his mother is what he chose in order to show that he's not the crybaby he once was.

Tōru Miyagishi Edit

A 23-year-old junior chef working at Kissuisō. He is very outspoken and easy to frustrate. He strictly mentors and supervises Minko's training. Even so, he is considered as an exceptional cook who will surpass the levels of his mentor, Renji.

Renji Togashi Edit

A 42-year-old head chef working at Kissuisō. Being the head chef, he surpervises the cooking and training of Tōru and Minko, the two other chefs. He may seem stiff, but in truth he is a kind man who works hard.

Takako Kawajiri Edit

A 30-year-old business consultant advisor for Kissuisō. She attended the same university as Enishi. Sometimes, her decisions in trying to improve the conditions of the inn can become a bit too radical.

Tarō Jirōmaru Edit

A 31-year-old novelist who frequently lodges at Kissuisō. He writes erotic novels, secretly using the Kissuisō's staff as character references. Along side the novel, he also works at the inn to pay his debts.

Denroku Sukegawa Edit

A 73-year-old janitor and maintenence worker who has been employed at Kissuisō ever since its establishment. He never complains about anything that happens in Kissuisō and always looks at the situation optimistically. cares about the other employees a lot, shown by his kindness throughout the story.

Yosuke Himawari Edit

The heir to a different inn, Yosuke is Yuina's fiance. In order become someone fitting for the title of heir, he works hard. But sometimes he works too hard and become ignorant of the staff.

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