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I'm sorry for the multiple change alerts guys, but the preview feature wasn't working. (I might have to download IE just for Wikia...) Basically, here's the changes I made:

  1. Added an extra column to the episode table #Enlarged the photo #Removed the "season one" template box and replaced it with static text #Changed the episode table 1st (now 2nd) field from "nr" to "#" #Added a talk box (temporary) #Removed the inconstant formatting on the Japanese translations (or originals, I suppose) of episode titles #Added a return between the English and Japanese episode titles #Centered the episode table #Aligned static text left #Fixed font inconsistencies between the Japanese and English titles ==Music== ===Changes:=== #I changed the music description at the top to flow better #I changed "Album Names/Tracks" (I think...) to "Album/Track Names" #I changed "Cover" to "Cover Picture" #I added USD conversions to the price #I added some conversion info on the bottom of the page ===Issues: === 「Hanasaku Iroha」 Image song「Patricia」/nano.RIPE Now, I would normally just change what's above to "Hanasaku Iroha" (OP) and "Patricia" by nano.RIPE and be done with it. However, since this a (consistent) style of music formatting that I'm not (at all) familiar with, is there something special about the strange symbols around the song titles, (is Patricia even a song title???) and the backslash (that doesn't appear on either of the cover images) before the band name? Also, what's an "image song"? I have a feeling I'm missing something here and it's probably written clearly on the wall, but I figured I might as well ask. Also, what's a "temporal image collection"? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to catch up with all thats changed. (which is a lot, you're amazing Green! XD) you guys know where I can track down more info on the music and try to clean up some of those dead links?

First to say, these " 「 」" are basically the same thing as those quotation marks. More used in Japan, I kept it how it was. Also, it looks much more cool, right? Next, Patricia is the song's name... the " / " means could be translated as "sung by" or something close. Yet again, something in Japan... And image song can be called "a song that creates the image for the series" sort of title. Basically songs contributed to a certain series, even though the album picture does not show so. "temporal image collection" just means that the collection is just not yet fully made. Some music may be missing because the series is still going...and that's all the questions....

The dead links, leave the music stuff to me, please!! GreenMoriyama 06:21, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

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